Monday, September 9, 2013

Ambi Pur Air Effects - Home Air Freshener - Product Review for Blossoms and Breeze

The following post is a product review for "Ambi-Pur Air Effects™ - Home Air Freshener" (view on Flipkart), a product of Ambi Pur India. A free sample was sent to me for that purpose, and this post has been written as an entry for an IndiBlogger contest held by Ambi Pur India.
I have tried several room fresheners over the years and I have to accede that when it comes to quality at affordable rates, Ambi Pur fragrances beat the competition hands down. The quality of the product is undeniable and the amount you get at the price you get it, is truly remarkable. I've tried the cheap bottles that people tend to gift you, when they are out of ideas about what to gift you, or when they don't want to spend too much. Needless to say, you need another room freshener to deal with the smells of these ones. Some of them have actually given me allergies.

I've also tried a few outrageously pricey imported sprays, that I purchased on some occasion. They were great - no doubt, but these are not something you could afford to use on a daily basis. So you're stuck between two unacceptable options.

AmbiPur's affordable home range of air fresheners fills in the genuine need for a daily-use room freshener.

The Indian climate is very hot and humid and our cities don't really smell like roses in spring-time either. Often times it is difficult to keep the windows open thanks to some inconsiderate neighbour's indiscretion or due to the location of your house itself.

I've been to houses in the middle of town markets that perpetually smell like gunny-bags full of potatoes or rotting fish. Some houses in older, un-planned parts of cities are perpetually pestered by the emanations of open drains and garbage dumps. The smells of what cooked for lunch or dinner, lingers on in most houses throughout the day.

People who live in these places would get used to it sooner rather than later, but to guests, things couldn't be any less obvious. But who on earth wouldn't want their home to smell like roses all the time? The best that could be done till now is keep he place clean; may be use phenol on a daily basis. It masks the smell of the surroundings but adds to it the less-than-delightful smell of hospitals. Even then, it doesn't last for long and you cannot use it as quickly as a room freshener spray. That is perhaps the reason why these sprays have become so indispensable - especially so for offices or when you have guests to attend to. They have been used for long in trains and airplanes and off-late in luxury buses too. It's all about the finesse and the final touch these provide.

The sample that Ambi Pur Air Effects sent me was their, "Blossom & Breeze" room freshener. It is a handheld air freshener and comes comes with a mild perfume mist with a trigger-like atomizer.

The perfume is very mildly sweet and enticing and reminiscent of sweet fragrant lilies and the mildly sweet fresh smell of calendula with a just a little hint of lavender and vanilla. Those are the four smell I could pick out from it and I'm certain, I've missed quite a few. The blend is really uplifting and hats off to the perfumers for that. It's not to pungent nor too sweet-smelling. Being an arm of Procter & Gamble, the quality is certain to be world class.

It sells for two hundred and seventy five grams of product that sells for around two hundred and twenty rupees in the market. One or two sprays is all you need for a large room and it needs to be used just once a day. Their claim (from the product information label) is as follows -
"Ambi Pur Air Effects is like breath of fresh air anytime because it actually sweeps away those stale and stifling odours and leaves a fresh scent, just like you’ve washed malodour from the air."
Let us analyze that point by point:
  • Breath of fresh air - Certainly it is
  • Anytime -  Couldn't more convenient to use
  • Actually sweeps away those stale and stifling odours - That would tally well with my personal experience using this product
  • Leaves a fresh scent - Sure does and really fresh-smelling in deed
  • Just like you’ve washed malodour from the air - Adding up the other points, I would have to agree.
So, the product, in deed, lives up to the claim. I have used AmbiPur fresheners before as well and I'm sure this free sample wouldn't be the last. I'm sure to try the other variants soon - Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, Sweet Citrus & Zest, Spring & Renewal and Linen & Sky once I'm done with Blossom & Breeze.